The Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist in Naruto each possessed a special sword with a variety of features and designs.

Because it conveyed a wonderful story and created an amazing amount of world-building, the Naruto franchise became a worldwide success. The ninja world of the franchise is full of talented and strong characters, the majority of them are from one of the Five Great Shinobi Nations. One of these countries is the Hidden Mist Village, which is situated in the Land of Water.

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While many of the ninja from the Mist Village prefer to use Water-Style jutsu in battle, many of them are also more than capable at using swords. The Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, who each wield one of the village’s seven legendary blades, are regarded as the best bladesmen ninja. While each of these blades has a special talent and unique design, some are superior to others.


Zabuza was the first great threat Naruto encountered, and he was undoubtedly powerful enough to defeat a number of the characters from Shippuden. Because he had mastered the Silent Killing Technique, the Demon of the Hidden Mist was feared, but his sword, Kubikiribocho, was equally dangerous.

The Executioner’s Blade is a blade that can regenerate by consuming the iron in its victims’ blood. Kubikiribocho appears to be a gigantic broadsword that is as long as an adult human being in terms of design. Additionally, it has a circle close to the tip and a semicircle close to the grip.



The Ninja Wars’ history was kind of complex, but the fourth war seemed to involve each of the legendary swords of the Mist. Even though Kabutowari was just a huge axe attached to a huge hammer by a thin rope, it caused a lot of damage throughout the battle.

Despite its straightforward design, the kabutowari is a powerful weapon. Because the wielder must strike with the axe before smashing the back of it with the hammer, the sword is considered to be able to penetrate any defence. Then, as a result of the hammer’s strength and force, things either break or shatter.



While there were some opponents Kakashi should have faced off against in the war, he did end up fighting several members of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen. One of those swordsmen, Kushimaru Kuriarare, carried a Nuibari, which is essentially a long needle with wire that serves as a thread.

This sword appears to be capable of piercing anything and then using its wire to bind objects together. Although Nuibari can pierce through several enemies and then sew them together to produce bundles of corpses, it is most effective against groups of foes.



Ameyuri Ringo was one of the few Mist ninja that possessed what it took to succeed as Mizukage. She possessed the twin swords known as Kiba and was the only female member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen’s greatest generation.
These swords’ natural cutting power is substantially more than that of a regular swords since they have been strengthened with lightning, which enables them to produce lightning-based attacks. They have double-edged blades with bladed hooks close to their tips and handles, and are thought to be the sharpest swords currently in use. These swords’ natural cutting power is substantially more than that of a typical blade since they have been strengthened with lightning, which enables them to produce lightning-based assaults. They are considered to be the sharpest swords in existence, and in terms of design, they are double-edged blades with bladed prongs near their tips and handles.



Shibuki is the only sword that doesn’t feel like a real blade because its main function is to set off explosions. The real blade is divided into two sides, one of which has a sharp cutting edge for using the sword in combat.
A big scroll covered in explosive tags is held on the second side’s wide platform. When ignited, this scroll’s segments separate, but it only has an effect when it comes into contact with its intended target. This detach feature was implemented to provide the wielder enough time to get away from the blast zone of the explosion.



There are a few characters Sasuke never got the chance to fight, but he did have an encounter with Chojuro and his Hiramekarei. The unusual yet interesting design of this sword features a broad, flat blade with visible bends at the base. It has two cord-connected handles, two holes close to its tip, and two handles.

Chakra may be stored by Hiramekarei, and when a command is issued, the chakra will be released from the holes and coat the blade. After that, the sword can take on a variety of shapes, such as a hammer, a long-sword, or a set of twin swords.



Being a Jinchuriki means one of the worst realities is having to battle strong enemies like the Akatsuki. Despite his involvement in one of the Akatsuki’s most disastrous battles, Kisame still possessed a blade that was perfect for defeating Jinchuriki.

Since Samehada is a living creature that can absorb the chakra of anybody it slices, it is regarded as the most terrifying of the seven swords. Samehada’s “blade” is made up of several downward-facing scales, and its tip is a big mouth with pointed teeth. The sword may also provide its owner any consumed chakra, and if necessary, it can unite with their body.

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