All SusanooIn the world of Naruto, Susanoo users are among the strongest people out there.

The Susanoo is one of the strongest powers that are available to those of the Uchiha that has awakened the Mangekyo Sharingan in both eyes. Described as the strongest defense in Naruto, the Susanoo manifests as a giant humanoid made from the users’ chakra, and it is capable of acting on their behalf. It was first introduced to us by Itachi Uchiha as his ultimate trump card against Sasuke, and with time, many others displayed the power to use the Susanoo as well.

Although it can be awakened by every Uchiha with two Mangekyo Sharingan, its powers differ from user to user.


Susanoo is a gigantic, humanoid avatar made of the user’s chakra which surrounds them and fights on their behalf, that has been handed down throughout all the generations of the Uchiha Clan. It is the strongest ability available to those who have awakened the Mangekyō Sharingan in both eyes.



Susanoo differs between users, in terms of color, design, and weaponry. Some features are consistent, however, all Susanoo constructs are deviations of the Japanese tengu, they also have two sets of arms — one of which can form wings as part of its Complete Body form — and six fingers on each of their hands. All Susanoo wields at least one sword.

-> Shisui Uchiha

One of the famed Uchiha prodigies, Shisui was a Konoha jonin with exceptional talent and skills. At some point during the Third Great Ninja War, Shisui witnessed someone close to him die, which led to him getting the Mangekyo Sharingan. Since he possessed it in both eyes, he also could wield the Susanoo.

In Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution(Game), Shisui Uchiha can use a green Susanoo, even after Danzō stole his right eye. It has blade-like appendages on its shoulders, the side of its face, and along its forearms. Its right arm wields a drill-like lance that Shisui can coat with fire to create a vortex of flames. It is also able to unleash a barrage of chakra needles. In Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, Shisui has an exclusive Complete Body-Susanoo form, complete with a second pair of wing-shaped arms, tengu-like features, and wielding a large drill-like sword.


-> Itachi Uchiha

Also known as the Clan Killer, Itachi Uchiha was the elder son of Fugaku Uchiha, who quelled the Uchiha uprising in a single night by massacring his entire clan. Renowned for his Mangekyo Sharingan, Itachi awakened this ability when Shisui Uchiha committed suicide right in front of him. Consequently, Itachi got access to these powerful eyes, also granting him the ability to use the black flames of Amaterasu, and cast the all-powerful Tsukuyomi genjutsu.

Itachi Uchiha’s Susanoo is yellow in the manga; in the anime, its skeletal and armored forms are red and its humanoid form is orange. In its humanoid form, its face is framed by locks of hair, with an appendage on its chin reminiscent of a Pharaoh’s false beard. When its armor is formed, Itachi’s Susanoo resembles a long-nosed tengu and it wears a pair of magatama earrings. First introduced in his fight against Sasuke, Itachi’s Susanoo was special. Although it wasn’t a Full-Body Susanoo, it possessed two ethereal weapons which made it invincible. How strong it would’ve been in comparison to a Full-Body Susanoo is unknown.

Itachi’s Susanoo possesses a curved blade that resembles a dagger or tantō. He rarely uses this, preferring his Sword of Totsuka, wielded in its primary right hand and sheathed in a sake jar held by its second right hand. The Sword of Totsuka is an ethereal weapon with an enchanted blade that, in addition to standard cutting, can seal anyone it pierces, trapping them in a genjutsu-like “world of drunken dreams” for all eternity. In its primary left hand, Itachi’s Susanoo wields the Yata Mirror, a shield that can change its nature depending on the attack it receives, thus nullifying it. According to Black Zetsu, the simultaneous use of the Sword of Totsuka and the Yata Mirror made Itachi essentially invincible. For long-range attacks, Itachi can use Susanoo to perform Yasaka Magatama. In Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, Itachi has an exclusive Complete Body — Susanoo form that retains the traits of his previous forms, including a retractable version of the Yata Mirror, and a broadsword version of the Sword of Totsuka.


-> Madara Uchiha

One of the strongest Uchiha of all time, Madara was the first person seen in the series to have manifested a Full-Body Susanoo. As a kid, Madara awakened his Sharingan earlier than usual, and his progress didn’t stop there. Soon, he killed his best friend to get his hands on the Mangekyo Sharingan, and after his brother’s death, he transplanted his eyes to make his Mangekyo Sharingan eternal. With the powers of the EMS, Madara Uchiha could combat Hashirama on far for at least 3 days.

Madara Uchiha’s Susanoo is dark blue. His Susanoo is made up of two entirely different sides that are conjoined along their spine, both of which have a distinct face: the front face has elongated canine teeth in its lower jaw bracket and two tusks growing from the said jaw, while the back face has similarly elongated canine teeth in its upper jaw bracket and a single horn protruding from its forehead. In its armored form, the usual tengu-like armor splits from its forehead down, revealing Susanoo’s eyes while obscuring the rest of its face. Curiously, his armored Susanoo appears to always form the Tiger hand seal with its front hands and is the largest of its variation. In its Complete Body form, its head gains a long tengu nose and two lines running down from its mouth to its chin area, as well as hair that is tied up at the sides.


-> Indra Otsutsuki

The elder son of Hagoromo Otsutsuki, Indra was considered to be a fighting genius ever since he was a little kid. His fighting prowess was such that nobody could stand up to him in combat. As a result of inheriting his father’s strong chakra, Indra had the Kekkei Genkai of the Sharingan which, over time, evolved into the Mangekyo Sharingan. As a virtue of the powers offered by this legendary Kekkei Genkai, Indra was capable of using the Susanoo.

Unsurprisingly, Indra could manifest a Full-Body Susanoo even though he didn’t have an Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. Indra Ōtsutsuki’s Susanoo is purple. In its Complete Body form, it has accentuated eye holes, a long tengu nose, a spike over each eye, a slit across its mouth, and three gaps on each of its cheeks. In terms of powers, his Susanoo was mighty enough to match Ashura Otsutsuki in battle, and even corner it to some extent. Without a doubt, Indra was an exceptional Susanoo user. In the anime, the skeletal form of Indra’s Susanoo was also shown.


-> Kakashi Hatake

Although a non-Uchiha, Kakashi possessed the Sharingan right from the beginning of the series. Years ago, during the Third Great Ninja War, Obito gifted one of his eyes to him while dying, and in the process, gave rise to the legend, ‘Kakashi of the Sharingan’. In early Naruto Shippuden, Kakashi is seen using the Mangekyo Sharingan as well, and his control over this ability only thrived over time. Right towards the end of the Fourth Great Ninja War, Kakashi was endowed with both of the Mangekyo Sharingan by Obito, along with his remaining Six Paths chakra. Combining the two powers, Kakashi awoke the Full-Body Susanoo which could even combat Kaguya Otsutsuki. Although the power-up was temporary, it amplified Kakashi’s abilities beyond that of any shinobi for that specific time and made him completely invincible in the process.

Kakashi Hatake’s Susanoo is light blue. The Susanoo he uses has only been seen in a Complete Body form. It had the characteristic tengu nose, a forehead protector-like plating on its head, two locks of hair falling on either side of its face, a hole in its chin, and a vertical mark extending across its left eye, similar to Kakashi’s signature scar. It wields a katana, but its most notable weaponry is the Mangekyō-shaped shuriken that can warp away targets on contact.


-> Sasuke Uchiha

The strongest Uchiha of all time, Sasuke rose from being a regular Uchiha to a person who now wields half the powers of Hagoromo Otsutsuki. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Sasuke got access to the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan after transplanting Itachi’s eyes. By the virtue of the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, Sasuke awoke to the Full-Body Susanoo as well, which was empowered by Six Paths chakra, just like Indra’s.

Sasuke Uchiha’s Susanoo was initially depicted as a dark shade of blue in the manga, though it is purple in anime. Because Sasuke’s development has often been marked by intense feelings of hatred, his Susanoo is noted to be much darker in composition compared to Itachi’s. Whereas Itachi’s Susanoo appears relatively “normal”, Sasuke possesses demonic horns, a long appendage on its chin, and a malevolent grin. Its armored form initially appears largely the same as Itachi’s save for having jagged teeth around its hood. After Sasuke gains the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, however, its appearance changes, the armour’s mouth taking on a beak-like shape and generally becoming ghastly-looking. Because of his Rinnegan, Sasuke can use the wings of his Complete Body Susanoo to block out the light of the Infinite Tsukuyomi. When drawing on the power of the tailed beasts, the armor of the Complete Body form is reduced somewhat, exposing the humanoid within. Sasuke can perform his Chidori through this so-called “Indra Susanoo” as well as Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique in the anime. This form is capable of generating a sword instead of having it form alongside the Complete Body Susanoo, enabling the user to catch opponents off guard.

Sasuke’s Susanoo has a blade in all its forms: a saber in its developmental forms; an Ōdachi in its humanoid form, wielded with its second right hand; a pair of katanas in its Complete Body form. Its primary weapon, though, is a bow, manifested on the wrist of its left arm; the bow can double as a shield, a function that becomes more visually apparent in its armored form. Arrows are drawn from an orb held by its primary right hand and can be fired very quickly, such that only Kabuto Yakushi while utilizing Sage Mode, has been able to avoid one. The arrow’s properties can be augmented, either with black flames in its armored form or lightning in its Complete Body state.


-> Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki

The strongest character in the entire series, Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki was also a Susanoo user, at least in the anime. Due to the evolution of his Sharingan into the Mangekyo Sharingan, Hagoromo gained access to the powers of the Susanoo. Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki showed a light blue Susanoo capable of entering its Complete Body form and utilizing chakra blades. Two locks of hair fall on each side of the face and a single horn protrude from the chin, resembling Hagoromo’s facial hair. It possesses a sharp tengu-like nose and a jagged mouth, giving it a demonic appearance. His Susanoo was much larger than other users, reaching a size comparable to the Ten-Tails.

Its capabilities were great enough to outclass Kaguya Otsutsuki, who had fused with the God Tree to become the Ten-tails itself. Hagoromo went on to awaken the Rinnegen shortly afterward and gained further power, essentially rising to the status of a God in the process.

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