So it’s been a week now since the second part of Attack on Titan final season ended. The final episode of part two episode 12 was released last week on the 3rd of April. So starting from today, there will be no new episode of attack on titan on sundays even though some of the fans were frustrated and sad to see how they didn’t finish the story with the second part. I am sure most of the fans are still looking forward to part three of the fınal season which was announced last week.

Attack on Titan season 4

The announcement was made just after the premiere of episode 12. A new key visual was revealed for the part 3 announcement and it was confirmed that attack on titan anime will return next year. We already talked about the announcement last week and we got a lot of questions from you like exactly when the part three will release, how many episodes we will get in the final part, where to start the manga etc. So that’s what we are going to talk about in this article. Starting with where to start the manga, if you can’t wait for the final part of the anime you can start reading the manga from chapter 131. The last episode of part 2 adapted the previously skipped chapter – chapter number 123 in chapter 130. The manga has got total of 139 chapters so you will have to go through only nine chapters to find out the conclusion of attack on titan series.

New key visual of Attack on Titan

Now talking about the episode count the first part of season 4 adapted 26 chapters within 16 episodes and the second part adapted only 14 chapters within the 12 episodes since there are only nine chapters left my guess is we will probably get only eight or nine episodes in the final part but if they decide to add additional content or go for an anime original ending then we could be getting a few more episodes. About the release date the only thing we know so far is that the final part will release in 2023. During the announcement they did not mention an exact release date so it is still not officially confirmed whether the final part will release in early 2023 or mid-2023 or late 2023. Normally I would have guessed that it would return very soon probably in the winter of 2023 because the production for a single core season with only eight or nine episodes should not take that long but the thing is it seems like mapa studio is going to be super busy this year which could affect the release schedule of attack on titan mappa will be working on Chainsaw man hell’s, Paradise, Yuri on ice movie and a few other projects because of that most people are predicting that we might have to wait till mid 2023 for the last part of the final season. But personally I believe the final part will release either in winter 2023 or in spring 2023 so yeah that’s all for today. As soon as we get any updates on attack on titan we will let you know.

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