Hello everyone I hope you are doing well. So it’s been a while since we got the second part of Attack on Titan Final Season. So far we have got total of 28 episodes in the final season which adapted almost 40 chapters. But the final season hasn’t ended yet they still need to adapt nine more chapters which will be covered in part three of the final season.

Attack on Titan Final Season Key Visual
Key Visual

For now we have only got one Key Visual for final season part three. They also released a 15 second video which includes the same visual with some animation so we don’t have any proper trailer or teaser for the final part yet. It was confirmed earlier that part three of attack on titan final season will be released in 2023.

But they didn’t give us an exact release date for it so we don’t really know whether it will come out early 2023 or mid-2023 or late 2023. Many of you are probably wondering when we will get some new information about the upcoming season. When can we expect a proper trailer or when will they reveal the full release date.

Attack on Titan Final Season Events

The good news is just recently they have announced that a special event for Attack on Titan Final Season has been scheduled for November of this year. It will take place in Tokyo, Japan on the 13th of November.

Attack on Titan Final Season Event Parts

This event will consist of two parts, the first part is going to be an Orchestra Concert and the second part will be a Special Talk about the Final Season. The voice actors and some other artists will be present there as guests to talk about the season finale. So I am hoping that this is where we will probably get some new information about the upcoming season. About the predictions we think the final part will most likely release in early 2023 but whether it is going to be winter 2023 or spring 2023 it cannot be said. Anyway let’s wait for the special event and I am sure this is where they will give us some info on the release date. As soon as we get any new updates on Attack on Titan we will let you know.

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