So the fourth season of Date a Live has just ended recently. For those who don’t know, we have already received official confirmation about a new season of Date a Live Anime. Episode 12 of Date a Live Season 4 was released yesterday, which is the final episode of the season. So from next week there will be no new episode of this anime. But the good news is, we have already got an official announcement for season five of Date a Live.

Date a live season 5 announced on their Official website

The Announcement was made on their official website just right after the premiere of the final episode of season four.

Date a live Official tweet

On their official twitter account, they have shared an illustration drawn by Mr. Tsunako and told the fans that a decision about season five production has already been made. A few comments have arrived from the voice actor of Kakawashito and Tokha Yatagami. Nobunaga Shimazaki, who plays the role of Shito Gakawa said ” 5th production decision!! happy! I’m very happy! Thanks to everyone! Thank you! Season four ended at an amazing point but of course season 5 will be amazing. There will be a parade of furious developments and foreshadowing. We hope you will see it through to the end enjoy “. He also commented I’m looking forward to seeing it through to the end. Now talking about the release date, as of now while I am writing this article, we don’t have any official confirmation about the release schedule of season five.

During the Announcement, they didn’t mention anything about the release date. We don’t really know whether they have already started the production for season five or not. In the announcement they have only said that, a decision for season five production has been made. A few days ago, some leakers were saying that season five was already in production. So if season five is already in development, then it should come out next year but if not then we will probably have to wait till 2024 for the fifth season of this anime. But again the release schedule has not been officially announced yet. As soon as we get any official update on it we will let you know.

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