There are few true heroes in the Death Note anime, and examining your favorite characters from the series may prove to be an introspective exercise.

Death Note - Light Yagami Death Note aired in 2006, and, even though it’s been over a decade since the story ended, fans still remember the show and are still fond of their favorite characters. Death Note, an anime about a magical book that grants its owner the ability to kill people with only their name and face, might have had a dark premise, but it also had many lovable characters who are fun and layered which helped establish the anime as a smash hit.

From Humans to Shinigami, ranging from good to downright evil, there are plenty of different characters in the anime with so many unique personalities, and each says something about the people who hold them dear or look upon them fondly.

12. Naomi Misora

Naomi Misora might have only been in one episode, but her character still managed to be memorable thanks to her smart observations and her vendetta to bring down Kira after he kills her Fiance. She comes within inches of finding out his identity, but Kira is smarter and tricks her before she can catch him.

Fans of Naomi are drawn to her strength and how diligent she is in her mission. Her intelligence and quick thinking would have not only allowed her to catch Kira; but in another life, she would have been a great romantic match for Light.


11. Mello

Mello, like L and Near, grew up in an orphanage for gifted children, but that is about all that he has in common with his foster siblings. He is confident to the point of arrogance, mirroring the calm and humble demeanor of the other two. He is his roadblock to catching Kira and his personality also prevents people from getting to know him.

Fans of Mello are confident and not afraid to go after what they want, consequences are damned. They may have been known as child prodigies which have made them very competitive and they thrive on winning and victory. They also run on chocolate.


10. Kiyomi Takada

Takada is a character that appears early in the series but is deliberately kept in the background to hide her nature from everyone, even the viewer. She was involved with Light during his university years and later, as a TV news anchor, openly supported Kira and was one of the few other people that also knew his real identity. She was deliberately created to play well against Light and has a similar character arc, but hers is cut short as Kira’s plans start to unravel.

When Takada appears more often in the later episodes of the series there are a lot of flashbacks and memories that suggest she was working in the background for decades to help Kira. It’s a unique Death Note character arc because fans don’t understand the scope of it until the very end.


9. Teru Mikami

The idea of having another Kira is something that was executed with deft finesse in Death Note. Teru Mikami is a great example to illustrate the benefits of this particular angle in the story. He might not be one of the best Death Note characters but he is one of the most interesting.

The warped sense of justice that Mikami had developed as a result of a traumatic childhood made him the perfect candidate to be another Kira, with his iconic repetition of the word “delete” being one of the more memorable aspects of the character that fans still look back on fondly to this day.


8. Touta Matsuda

Matsuda is the youngest member of the task force, and his quick wit and enthusiasm made him an asset to his team he had a great story arc on the show. He was like a hairdresser when it came to gossip, loving to hear the latest news and be the first to spread it around. His impulsiveness landed him in trouble during the investigation, but his quick thinking saved him, like the time he faked his death to escape Kira.

Fans of Matsuda are good-humored and are probably fans of pop culture who enjoy being in the know. They are probably glued to their phones so they don’t miss a tweet or late-breaking story, but they also value loyalty and a can-do attitude and are probably known to take a lot of risks in life.


7. Soichiro Yagami

Light’s Father, the police chief, and leader of the Japanese Task Force, Soichiro is a very upstanding citizen and strongly believes in preserving the good in humanity. He was very dedicated to his cause, going so far as sacrificing half his life in exchange for the ability to see people’s life span and real name. Of course, this would end up being useless considering he already knew Kira’s name, because he helped name him.

Those who favor Chief Yagami over the other characters are strong believers in justice and might even be in law enforcement themselves. They believe that it is good in the world, but they are also brave and strong enough to confront evil. They are very dedicated to whatever they are pursuing and would go to any length in pursuit of the truth.


6. Ryuk

While many of his fellow Shinigami seem to enjoy their task of auditing death, Ryuk quickly grows bored with the job and seeks something to shake up the mundane existence he has been living. His way of solving this is to drop his Death Note to earth and observe the chaos that follows.

Fans of the hilarious Shinigami enjoy a good laugh, maybe even at the expense of others. They are the commentators of their group, the ones who always have something to say. Ryuk’s fans empathize with his feelings of ennui and hope to find their version of chaos. They also probably have a vice or two they enjoy like Ryuk and his precious apples.


5. Misa Amane

Misa is quite the enigma, as she becomes obsessed with Kira, who she quickly deducts is Light and promptly inserts herself in his life, insisting that the two team up with their respective notebooks, and the two end up making quite the pair. Her obsession with Light might mimic that of Harley Quinn toward the Joker.

Those who love Misa appreciate her passion for music, anarchy, and her dedication to Kira, and they maybe even like to refer to themselves in the third person. Fans of Misa might often find themselves the object of people’s affection and have to fend off a stalker or two, but they ultimately enjoy the attention.


4. Near

Near is another child raised at Whammy’s House for gifted children and is the closest to matching L’s intelligence level while only being half his age. Near is sure to surpass his predecessor, as he has a lot in common with the genius and enjoys stimulating activities like puzzles and games. He is responsible for figuring out that Light is Kira.

Fans of Near probably appreciate a good mystery book or the feeling of completing a difficult puzzle. They look at the world with a childlike curiosity, are good at reading people, and love to figure out how things work. They are probably very intelligent but also know how to enjoy the little things in life.


3. Rem

Rem is also a Shinigami, but her personality differs vastly from the comedic Ryuk, with her main focus being the safety of Misa. She dislikes most humans, but she feels connected to Misa and even threatens to kill Light should anything ever happen to her. Her devotion is so strong that she even sacrifices herself to save Misa.

Fans of Rem are kind and probably have someone in their lives they would do anything to protect. They don’t take vows or promises lightly and are most likely impatient when it comes to ignorance, placing a lot of value on knowledge and decency.


2. L

L is an ace detective brought in to help identify and capture Kira. L is a genius raised at an orphanage for gifted youth, and his intelligence surpasses everyone on the show. He is also eccentric and quirky, always seen with sweets and never seen sitting properly in a chair.

Fans of L most likely have a sweet tooth of their own and enjoy being around interesting and stimulating people or being alone. L’s fans are likely to prioritize learning and appreciate people with intelligence. They are also likely to think outside the box and probably have a lot of people seeking their advice due to their unique perspectives.


1. Light Yagami

Light is the main character, and he is a very intelligent teen who stumbles upon a very powerful tool. After realizing the powers of the Death Note, he takes on the identity of Kira and quickly fills the pages with names of criminals that have evaded the police, a feat that’s made easier by the fact that his father is the chief of police. His valiant mission quickly turns into something more sinister as the power mutates his original goal of ridding the world of evil.

Fans of Light will most likely emphasize with him and understand he had good intentions. Just like Kira’s followers on the show, fans of Light are willing to look past his murderous ways and see this true mission. They are inspired by radical ideas and are probably seen at protests or engaging in some form of activism. Viewers who pick Light as their favorite are quick thinkers and appreciate cleverness and action.

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