So it’s been a while since we last talked about Demon Slayer Anime. The second season of this anime ended two months ago covering the Entertainment district arc. The anime has adapted the first 11 volumes so far while the manga has got a total of 23 volumes so there are still 12 volumes left from the manga that are yet to be adapted into the anime.

Demon Slayer
In case you didn’t know, the third season of the anime has already been announced and it’s being called the demon slayers Swordsmith village arc. I like how they are naming each season based on the arc name instead of using the numerical order. Anyway in the manga the Swordsmith village arc is the ninth story arc of this series and it has got 27 chapters it covers chapter number 100 to chapter number 127 the second season of the anime ended on chapter 97 so most likely the third season will pick up the story from chapter 98 which is the first chapter of volume 12.
Demon Slayer
Now talking about the release date situation for season three recently we have got a lot of people asking us whether the release date has been confirmed or not some people were saying that season three will release in the spring of 2023 because that is what google is telling them when you search on google. About season 3 release date you will see that it says the release date has been set for spring 2023 but I can assure you that it is not true at all it is some kind of misinformation from the website called recent highlights. We have checked the official website of demon slayer but we could not find any release date for season three so the release date for the swordsmith village arc is still not officially confirmed yet. But the good news is we will probably get some new information on demon slayer anime very soon. Demon slayer franchise will be celebrating the anime’s third year anniversary this month so there is a high possibility that this is where we could be getting the first trailer of the demon slayer Swordsmith village arc if not a trailer at least a new key visual or some new information on the release schedule the third year anniversary festival will take place for two days on the 16th of april and the 17th of april so it’s only one week away from now a new visual for the anniversary festival was revealed a few weeks ago also recently they have created a special website just for this festival. This website has got a lot of cool stuff like story review gallery, all the key visuals of the anime etc.
Demon Slayer
If you want to check it out, just CLICK HERE. So yeah that’s all for today I am super excited about the festival for the past few years this is where we have been getting a lot of information on the upcoming season of the anime so we are hoping for the same this year too as soon as we get any new updates on season 3 we will let you know.


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