So, today we are going talk about Domestic Girlfriend Anime. Recently, we have noticed many fans’ favorite anime like Rent a Girlfriend, Rascal does not dream of Bunny girl Senpai, and My Dress-up Darling getting announcements of sequel. So it is high time for fans to demand a sequel of Domestic Girlfriend. Considering the popularity, it won’t be a surprise if we get an announcement soon. In today’s article, we are going discuss the situation and possibilities of getting a new season of Domestic Girlfriend. So without any more delay let’s jump into today’s topic.

Domestic Girlfriend

Aired in 2019, Domestic girlfriend became quite famous for its way of Storytelling, execution of characters, and course fan service. It became top 20 most popular animes on Crunchyroll in 2019. It even got high scores in Crunchyroll which earns a given favor in the production of a new season.

Garnt Maneetapho

Not to mention Gigguk, the renowned anime geek also known as Grant was super obsessed with the series. He just couldn’t stop talking about it just like us. He even invited the creator of this series, Kei Sasuga at one point to talk about it. In case you are wondering Gigguk dealt with the pepper just fine. He just couldn’t handle talking about the plot of Domestic Girlfriend because it is just too spicy. With the recent announcement of sequels of different anime, the demand of getting a second season of Domestic Girlfriend has spiked again. Many fans on social media are constantly asking for a new season.

Petition on Domestic Girlfriend Season 2.

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 petition

There is even a petition going for the renewal of Domestic Girlfriends. There has been a significant amount of signs in that petition.

Till now there is no official statement for season 2 yet. No trailers or key visuals have been revealed either. Although many fans feared that the series might be canceled, there has been no such news about this. As for Source material, the first season covered till chapter 76.

Domestic Girlfriend Volume 1

Although many things were altered in the adaptation and the manga finished serializing in June 2020 with a total of 276 chapters. Considering the second season will contain 12 episodes, there won’t be any trouble regarding the available Source material.

However the manga artist of Domestic Girlfriend, Kei Sasuga said in a tweet that she did not have any plans for a second season. But that was two years ago now that the manga is over and the demand for the new season is spiking. Things can be different, not to mention many anime of the same Genre are having a return, so this brings hope for the fans. So that would be all, let us know what you guys think in the comments section.

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