Hello everyone I hope you are doing well. So we have got some breaking news today for the fans of Haikyuu. Just two weeks ago, we write an article on Haikyuu where we told you guys that there was a high possibility of getting some new information about haikyuu’s upcoming season in August of this year and guess what it’s only the first week of August and we have already got some new updates about season five. Just yesterday Haikyuu season 5 has been kind of confirmed by Collabo Cafe.

Haikyuu X Cookpad

On an article titled Haikyuu Cafe in Tokyo and Osaka the third collaboration Nakoma Festival will be held from August 12th. It says “Following the karasuno Festival held in 2020 and the Inarizaki Festival held in 2021, the 3rd Haikyuu!! X Cookpad collaboration Cafe is here! From August 12, 2022 onwards at two official Cookpad shops ‘Cookpad Live Cafe’. The anime Haikyuu based on the popular manga by Haruichi Furudate, the 3rd collaboration Cafe ‘Nekoma Festival’ will be held until September 4th. Haikyuu!! X Cookpad Live cafe 3rd ‘Nekoma Festival’ is themed on “Karasuno High School VS Nekoma High School”, which will be drawn in the 5th season of the anime”.

Haikyuu X Cookpad

So what it basically means is that this Nekoma High School Festival which is at collaboration event between Haikyuu and Cookpad will be based on the theme of an upcoming match which will take place in the 5th season of the anime. So it is a kind of a confirmation that Haikyuu will be getting a 5th season. But at the same time it is not really an official announcement for season 5 and that’s why some people are saying that we should not take it as an official confirmation.

Haikyuu Official Website

Also just to be clear Haikyuu still has not confirmed anything about season 5 on their official website or on their social media accounts.

But just last week some fans of Haikyuu noticed a weird tweet from the voice actor of Hinata shoyo. There’s a good possibility that it could be about the 5th season of the anime. Maybe it was his way of expressing his excitement without leaking any kind of unannounced information. Anyway what I personally think is that most likely we will be getting a big announcement from Haikyuu this month and hopefully it will be about the 5th season of the anime. We have got some upcoming events where we can expect it to happen. Maybe on Haikyuu day or maybe on some kind of Festival that we already mentioned in our previous articles. As soon as we get any new updates on season five we will let you know.

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