So it’s been two years since the fourth season of Haikyuu was released. On August 13, 2022, the official website of the Haikyuu anime series announced a two-part movie named Haikyuu Final that left the fan with mixed responses.

Haikyuu Final Movie announced

Some fans were excited to see haikyuu return after a long time while some fans were worried about how the rest of the story will be adapted into just two movies if there will not be more seasons. In today’s article, we are going to talk about the possibility of a new season of haikyuu and whether the movies will be able to adapt to the rest of the story or not. So without any more delay let’s jump into today’s topic.

First aired in 2014, Haikyuu received critical acclaim for its brilliant portrayal of sportsmanship and an awe-inspiring story till season 4. Haikyuu had a total of 85 episodes and the last season was adapted till chapter 292. The season ended showing team Karasuno making it into the Volleyball nationals after defeating Shiratorizawa. So it is expected to see the story continued in the following movies. Although, the previous haikyuu movies were basically recapped with few extra scenes. This time it would be different.

Haikyuu Final

As is already mentioned haikyuu will have two-part movies that are likely to have a run time of two hours each. There is a high possibility that the first movie will be based on Karasuno facing their long-standing rival Nekoma. After that, they will play against kamomedai, a match that will change the course of fate of every player. It’s a big spoiler here so I won’t talk about it much. Just be sure that it will be emotional so you may need tissues prepared if necessary. Till now no exact date has been announced for the movie.

Haikyuu Official Tweet

Haikyuu final movie

According to the official tweet, a kickoff event for the movies is scheduled to be held in August 2023. So now we have to wait for further details to be announced. That being said it will be a big concern how the two movies will adapt the rest of the story. Haikyuu manga still has 110 chapters and 5 Arcs left to be adapted and it sounds impossible for the movies to show everything in approximately four hours. So a new season may be an ideal solution for that but unfortunately, there was no such confirmation about the renewal of a new season. There were several tweets that claimed the final season would be announced soon. But those tweets were either deleted later or flatly denied.

And now fans are worried if Haikyuu would follow the same route as the promised Neverland season 2 or Attack on Titan Final season. Considering the sales of manga and Blu-ray, production IG would be making a grave mistake if they decide to produce two movies only. So that would be all let us know what you guys think in the comments section.

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