So recently we got some updates about High School DxD season 5. Currently, it is one of the most anticipated anime and fans are dying to see their beloved Issei Hyoudou as well as other characters back for some quality fan service, sorry I mean action. In this article, we are going to discuss the situation and possibilities of getting a new season of High School DxD anime. So without any more delay let’s jump into today’s topic.

High school DxD

About High School DxD…

As you already know, High School DxD follows the story of Issei Hyoudou and Rias Gremory. As Issei is revived by Rias after his tragic first date, he has to serve her as a servant. The Harem anime is adapted from the Light Novel of the same name written by Ichiei Ishibumi and illustrated by Miyama Zero, first aired in 2012. The anime got huge popularity among fans because of its big and thick plots. Since then there have been Four Seasons by now, with the fourth season airing in 2018. Since then it has been four years since no new season of this anime came out. Although there is no official news of season 5 confirmation. Several unofficial reports suggested that the Light Novel author Ichiei Ishibumi hinted that it was in progress.

High School DxD Official Tweet…

High school DxD official tweet

Recently the official Twitter account of High School DxD, tweeted on September 30th that all episodes of The High School DxD will broadcast on day three of the Niko Niko Katakawa Festival 2022. Some rumors were also spread that High School DxD is getting a new season in probably 2023.

High school DxD official website

Now, these rumors are hard to confirm because there has been no update from the official anime site since 2020. However, on the 14th anniversary of High School DxD serialization.

Author – Ichiei Ishibumi tweets on the new season…

The author of The High School DxD Light Novel Ichiei Ishibumi informed us that more manuscripts have been confirmed for High School DxD Hero part 2. The first three seasons of High School DxD were published under TNK Animation Studio but in the fourth season, the Anime Studio swapped with Passion which made most of the people mad so much that it encouraged fans, to sign the petition to bring the old-style back. As for the fifth season, it is not yet decided if they’ll keep the old designs or not.

Anime Source material…

High school DxD Manga Volume 10

As for Source material, fans do not have to worry a bit because till season 4 only 10 volumes are adapted out of 25 volumes including short story Collections and spin-offs. It is expected to see the anime will progress in a mature Direction in the new season if it happens. If things go out all okay we may get an adaptation of volumes 11 and 12 in season 5. Which will feature the middle-class promotion test that will pair with the ranking used to denote the ability of a devil. So that would be all. Let us know what you guys think in the comment section.

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