So we have got some breaking news today about one of our favorite series Hunter X Hunter. It’s been almost four years since the manga of Hunter X Hunter went on a hiatus. It was due to the health issue of the author Yoshihiro Tagashi. But the good news is, just recently a tweet has gone viral which indicates that Hunter X Hunter is returning soon.

Hunter X Hunter
Tweet by Tagashi

In the tweet, we can see a rough sketch of a manga panel with a caption saying “For now four chapters left”. According to many sources this new tweeter account belongs to the author Yoshihiro Tagashi. Later it was confirmed by the illustrator of One Punch Man mangabat.

This new tweeter account belongs to the author of Hunter X Hunter himself. Yusuke Murada personally followed this new profile and retweeted the viral post claiming that he was with Yoshihiro Tagashi himself. We have also got some tweets from the voice actor of Gone and Kalua. Based on all the sources that we mentioned earlier it seems like Tagashi is back to work again and more Hunter X Hunter chapters are being produced now. So hopefully the series will be returning very soon but for now nothing has been officially announced yet. So we don’t really know the exact release date for the new chapters. But as soon as we get any new updates on it we will let you know. And now talking about the anime I think if the manga returns and does well there should be a possibility of the anime making a return to in the future so yeah that’s all for today. There should be some new updates regarding the manga’s continuation in the coming days. As soon as we receive any official information we will make new article on it. Also share this article with your friends to let them know that Hunter X Hunter is finally returning.

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