Hello everyone I hope you are doing well. So we have got some new updates today about the second season of the anime In Another World With My Smartphone. We have got a release date, a new key visual, a teaser trailer, new character’s introduction and many more. But before we talked about all those stuff I wanted to clarify something. Last week when we talked about the anime In Another World With My Smartphone I mentioned in the article that the first season of the anime adapted the first five volumes of the Light Novel which was not correct. They have actually covered only the first three volumes in season one. Anyway now going to the main topic we have finally received some official information about the second season of the anime.

Key visual

Just recently they revealed a new teaser visual for In Another World With My Smartphone Season two which features three new characters alongside the characters from season one. The three new cast members have now been revealed it is Miyu Takagi who will be playing the role of Lucia Rea Regulus, Yū Serizawa will play the role of Hildegard Minas Lestia and Miyu Kubota will play the role of Sakura. They have now confirmed that we will be seeing a new studio this time in season two. It is studio JC Staff who will be doing the production for the upcoming season. In case you didn’t know it was studio Ashai productions who produced the first season. We have also got a new teaser for season two which was released 6 days ago. It is one minute and 43 seconds long and is available on the official youtube channel of this anime. Here is the teaser of the anime.

About the release date it is now officially confirmed that the second season of anime In Another World With My Smartphone will be released next year in Spring.

Spring animes usually start airing in April so we have to wait now till April of 2023 for the second season. They haven’t revealed the exact release date for the first episode yet but as soon as they do we will let you know. About the episode count it is also not confirmed yet most likely it will have the same number of episodes as the first season so maybe 12. The anime has only covered the first three volumes of the Light Novel so far. The Light Novel of this series is still ongoing and has currently got 26 volumes. So there’s enough source material for not only season two but also a few more seasons. But again we don’t really know how many volumes they are planning on adapting in season two. Anyway as soon as we get any new updates on the anime In Another World With My Smartphone season two we will let you know.

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