Hello everyone I hope you are doing well. So it’s been almost two years since we got the first season of the anime Jujutsu Kaisen , it was released in the fall of 2020. We also got a movie one year later which adapted the series’s prequel story Jujutsu Kaisen 0. They officially confirmed that at the beginning of this year this anime is getting a second season not only did they announce season two but also they told us that the second season will be released next year.

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Cast panel
Jujutsu Kaisen English Cast Panel

So the second season is coming out in 2023 but the exact release date has not been confirmed yet. But the good news is we are probably getting some new info about jujutsu kaisen season 2 very soon. Crunchyroll is having its own expo this year and it’s taking place next week from the 5th of August to the 7th of August at the San Jose McKinney convention center online. At this event we will be seeing Jujutsu Kaisen series having their own panel which will feature the English Cast of the anime.

It’s been confirmed that the voice actor of Nibara Kugisaki and Yatco the voice actor of Gojo, Kaiji Tang and Adam MacArthur the voice actor of Yuji Etadori will participate in this event. According to some reliable sources we will be getting a lot of news from the Crunchyroll Expo mostly about the upcoming animes Bungu Stray Dogs Season 4, Chainsaw Man, Blue Lock, Mob Psycho Season 4 and a lot of other series will get some new announcements including some new animes having their world premiere.

Since Jujutsu Kaisen is also having a panel there maybe we will get some new info about the upcoming season. It’s been a while since we got some updates about the upcoming season. They haven’t even revealed a key visual for season two yet.

In February when they made the announcement they used a special illustration of Jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie which was made by the manga author G Jack Yatami. Anyway let’s wait for the Crunchyroll Expo and see if we get any updates or not. As soon as we get any new updates on season 2 we will let you know.

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