Hello everyone, hope you’re all doing great as usual. I am here with another exciting news about your favorite anime. In today’s article we’re gonna talk about Kaguya Sama Love is War season four’s possible release date, how much the season will cover and latest info about it. So without further ado let’s jump into the topic. In case if you haven’t noticed yet the second season’s finale contained a secret message that teased the eventual announcement of the third season. Similarly in the final scene of Kaguya Sama Season 3 Episode 13 seemed to contain a secret message hidden in Kaguya’s eyes teasing Kaguya Sama season 4 in this manner.

Kaguya Sama Love is War Official Tweet

On June 24, 2022 the Official Twitter Account teased fans by stating a new animation will be produced but no further context was given at the time. Many fans assumed they were teasing kaguya Sama Love is War season 4.

However on July 8, 2022 new type magazine announced a Kaguya Sama movie that is titled Kaguya Sama Love is War – The First Kiss never ends. Based on the title it’ll adapt the 10 chapter Christmas themed story Arc of the same name which means it’s a direct sequel to the original story. Since the Official English title for the third season was Kaguya Sama Love is War Ultraromantic, it’s very likely that the 4th season will have a similarly Romantic title as well. Although the studio and main staff making season 4 hasn’t been announced yet. It is likely to assume Kaguya Sama season 4 will be produced by studio A1 pictures given the fact that the third season did not change the animation studio. Also Kaguya Sama Love is War season 4 opening and ending theme song haven’t been announced yet. There are good reasons to think the 4th season will be definitively announced during the end credit of the Kaguya First Kiss movie.

Now that the manga is officially in its final Arc, the producers will likely start planning out a long – term schedule for the anime since it also continues to be popular as a standalone product. Presumably the dust from the covid pandemic has begun to settle and animation production is resuming at a more normal pace. It’s likely that the Kaguya Sama Love is War movie release date will be in 2023. Therefore assuming that pre – production has already secretly begun on the 4th season as well. It’s possible the Kaguya Sama Love is War season 4 release date will be in 2024. Although the anime original end credits scene of the third season’s finale led many fans to believe the story was ending.

Miyuki Shiragain and Shinamiya Kaguya

The 4th season will continue the story. Now that Miyuki Shiragain and Shinamiya Kaguya are one step closer to openly confessing and perhaps dating. But first the fourth season will have to dive down into the dark secrets of Ihesaka and the Shinomiya family. I won’t go down in details but this season will have big moments like season 3 which is sure to blow everyone away. It’s expected that the Kaguya Sama first kiss movie will adapt manga chapters 138-151. So the 4th season will start roughly after chapter 158 after the events of Kaguya Sama chapter 160 in volume 16. Miyuki and Kaguya officially moved their relationship to the next level. The final arc is definitely setting up an ending to coincide with the classmates final days at the elite academy. Miyuki and Kaguya’s graduation from high school is coming up in the official timeline so the clock is ticking. The good news is that there is plenty of source material for immediately starting production on Kaguya Sama Love is War season 4 after the movie is released and the manga’s ending will allow the anime production committee to plan out the remainder of the anime tv series.

The Kaguya Sama Love is War anime reviews have only grown better each season. In fact the ultra romantic season topped full metal alchemist brotherhood on my anime list in popularity for a time. It helps that the ultra romantic story arc is one of the peak high parks in the manga series thanks to chapter 136. Although there are other big moments in manga chapters 160 and 220 that will generate buzz in the anime fandom when they eventually hit our tv screens. According to a reliable source the manga ends after only 14 chapters and fans are anxiously waiting for what awaits for the lovebirds. The creator of the series Arka Akasaka took the names of the main characters from the famous Japanese folk tale, the Bamboo cutter. What concerns the fans most that there’s no happy ending in Bamboo cutter it is not a love conker’s all story. Akasaka’s original plan for Love is War was to make it a fantasy game of death series but his editor wanted something more mainstream. So hopefully Kaguya Sama Love is War will end with a happy bang. So that’s gonna be all for today. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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