So we have got some new updates today on the second season of the anime Masamune kun no Revenge. It’s been almost five years since the first season of Masamune kun no Revenge anime released. Not many people were satisfied with how the season one ended and to tell the truth even though the first season didn’t adapt the whole story not many of us were really expecting this anime to get a second season.

Masamune kun no Revenge

The first season of the anime adapted the first six volumes of the manga. The manga of this series has got total of 11 volumes. So there’s still five volumes worth of source material available which is obviously enough for a second season. But the manga already ended in 2018 and it’s not like it has got a super huge fan base like some other popular series. So many people were really surprised when they told us on April fool’s day that the anime Masamune kun no Revenge is actually returning after five years with a new season. I am sure the fans of this anime were super happy to hear the news but also a little surprised at the same time. Anyway the second season of Masamune kun no Revenge is now officially confirmed and the announcement for season two was made back in April of this year. During the announcement they revealed a commemorative PV which is 1 minute and 18 seconds long. Here is the commemorative PV of Masamune kun no Revenge season 2.

But other than the PV we did not get any other info about the second season on that day. But just recently they have revealed the first official key visual for the second season with character visuals and the profiles also being revealed.

On their Official Twitter Account, they have said “Phase two teaser visual released. A visual depicting Masamune and Aihime with a refreshing smile and Yoshino with a slightly sad expression is released. The refined character design for the second term is the first public release in Japan. Furthermore the official website has also been renewed”. So we have got the first teaser visual and also they have now renewed their official website. If you want to see the character visuals for season 2 go check out their website you will be able to see not only the visuals but also the character profiles and the comments from the cast.

They have also confirmed that the second season of the anime will be produced by studio Silve Link. Now talking about the release date as of now, the release date for season 2 is still not officially confirmed. But i don’t know if you guys remember this when the first season of Masamune kun no Revenge was announced. We had to wait almost six or seven months for it to release.

They announced the first season in June of 2016 and it was released in January of 2017. So if they are planning on following the same process as the last time. My guess is we will probably get the second season either in early 2023 or mid 2023. The chances of its releasing in early 2023 is very high but again for now the release date for season two is still not officially confirmed yet. As soon as we get any new updates on season two we will let you know.

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