So finally, we have some new updates today on the second season of Masamune-kun no Revenge. It’s been almost eight months since we got the announcement of the second season.

Masamune-kun no Revenge Season 2 Announcement
Masamune-Kun no Revenge Season 2 Announcement

Till now we didn’t know the release date for season two. But the good news is that on the 28th of November they revealed a lot of information about season two, which includes a new trailer, new characters, cast, opening theme song, and the release schedule.

Masamune-Kun no Revenge Official Website

Masamune-kun no Revenge Official website

Their official website said ” The second season advance screening will be held on Saturday, January 7, 2023! Natsuki Hanae, Ayaka Ohashi, and Inori Minase will be on stage at the event. On Saturday, January 7, 2023, the second season of pre-screening will be held at United Cinemas Toyosu! At this event, the first episode of the second season of the TV anime will be screened earlier. ” So they are doing an advanced screening of season 2 in January of 2023 but that’s not the actual release date for season two. The second season will be released in the spring of 2023 and by Spring, I mean April of next year.

Masamune-kun no Revenge Season 2 Theme song

They have released the first PV of season 2 featuring the theme song – Please Please by Ayaka Ohashi.

Masamune-Kun no Revenge Season 2 Trailer

The trailer is one minute and 34 seconds long and is available on YouTube. Here is the trailer of Masamune-kun no Revenge Season 2.

In case you didn’t know, it is Studio Silverlink, is producing the upcoming season. The episode count for season 2 is still unknown but most probably it is going to be a single-core season. So maybe 10 to 12 episodes that will cover the rest of the manga. But there’s also a possibility of getting some new OVA after season two because there should be some Source material available from the spin-off manga

Masamune-Kun no Revenge Season 2 – New Cast

About new cast of Masamune-kun no Revenge Season 2

About the new cast Muriel Besson will be played by Miku Ito and Frank Besson will be played by Yasuyuki Kase in season two. So yeah that’s all the information we have got today. Let us know what you think about this Anime in the comment section. As soon as we get any new updates on season 2, we will let you know.

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