So recently fans of My Hero Academia are excited about back to back exciting news, release of new ova. An early screening of episode one of My Hero Academia season six in fall 2022. As one of the most popular current generation shonen series. Fans are sure to be delighted watching their favorite heroes going plus ultra soon.

My Hero Academia Season 6

So without waiting anymore let’s dive into today’s news. The first baseball themed ova was originally announced as an April fool’s joke. Who could have imagined that they would take the joke seriously. Following the April fool’s joke about the My Hero Academia Hero League Baseball. The official twitter account and website revealed on May 9 that the super-powered baseball league is indeed real and will be featured in an ova with a second ova also announced. The HLB Hero League Baseball ova along with the second yet to be detailed ova will be released in around 10 Japanese theaters on Hero day on June 16th until June 19 ahead of being released on streaming services in the country sometime this summer.

My Hero Academia

An updated visual for the Baseball themed ova was released on their official twitter account. The HLB over will see the hero teams of the Gang Orca agency orcas and the Shishito agency Lionel’s tee off in the finals of the amateur Baseball League the heroes have set up. To win the two teams will have to recruit members from other teams in schools including the previous teased Mount Lady Agency mountains and the Fat Gum Agency fats. Details on the second ova will be announced at a later time. As for season six with the manga in its final arc fans are waiting to get a hold on season six as soon as possible.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Villain

The upcoming season will follow the paranormal liberation War arc from chapters 253 to 306 in the manga with the heroes facing off against the Paranormal Liberation front and all-out war. The much anticipated Paranormal Liberation War Arc is the culmination of what has come before featuring some legendary battles and heartbreaking angst. Although the season will air in October which is still quite far from now. But recent news revealed that there will be an early screening of the first episode of season six on July 24th. In the annual, My Hero Academia ultra event Hero Festival 2022, a ton of voice actors and actresses will be present for the event and will act out a new drama story reading too. Unfortunately, the episode will air exclusively at the event. So fans will not be able to find the season six premiere on streaming platforms in July. But there’s always a chance that footage from the episode will end up online. So don’t give up hopes yet. Let us know what you think about the announcement of the new ova an early screening of episode one of My Hero Academia season six till then stay safe.

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