So recently, I have noticed that a rumor has been spreading around which says that One Punch Man season 3 is releasing this year in September. Now some of the fans seem to be super excited to hear the news. And then there are some other fans who are just super confused because they are not sure where is this news coming from.

One Punch Man

Here you can see one of the fans made a tweet saying that ” One Punch Man season 3 is set to premiere in Japan on September 15th. However the creator of the anime One Punch Man, Yusuke Murata just revealed his statement through twitter. Revealing that there may be a short delay in the release of one punch man season 3 due to tech probs “. First of all what i am gonna say is that Yusuke Murata is not the creator of one punch man, he is the illustrator of the manga. It is actually one sensei, who is the original creator or you can say the author of the series. Secondly, this tweet is obviously not original. The person most probably just copied and pasted it from some web article. And we all know that most web articles are just fake and provide baseless information without any kind of valid sources or references. The last time I checked the official website of one punch man series I could not find anything there about season 3 of the anime.

Even on their official social media accounts they have been promoting the game in the new volume that just came out recently. So as of now while i am writing this article nothing has been officially confirmed yet. At this point there is no solid leaks or evidence that can confirm that one punch man season three is going to happen obviously. Based on the popularity and the success of this series anyone can predict that one punch man anime will get a third season at one point. Nowadays all the anime are getting a new season. So one punch man anime getting a third season is not going to be anything surprising.In March, a person named James Hansen said that on his end one punch man season three and fire force season three have been confirmed. He didn’t say whether they were already in production or not. But he did confirm that they were in the green lit stage.

James Hansen Tweet

One week ago, we already got confirmation from Sugoi Light about fire force season three. On the same day the person who said one punch man season 3 was on greenlit stage replied to his old tweet saying that now we wait for one punch man. So based on all these leaks and rumors there is a possibility that we could be getting an official announcement for one punch man season 3 very soon. But again even if we get an announcement this year there’s no way season could be released in 2022 so don’t expect the third season to release anytime soon. Next month it’s going to be the 10th anniversary of one punch man manga. Hopefully, we will be getting some new information there so yeah that’s all for today. As soon as we get any official updates on season 3 we will let you know.

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