That was in August when we got the official confirmation for season three of One Punch Man anime. Even though they have already announced the third season, it is still unknown who will be doing the production for the upcoming season.

One Punch Man Anime’s Studios

We all know that it was Studio MAD House, that produced the first season. Then in season two, there was a big change and the responsibility was given to JC STAFF with Shikara Sakurai taking over his director in place of Shingo Natsume. The second season was hugely criticized for its animation quality and fans were hoping that there would be a change to the studio again in season three. Even before the announcement of season three, there were a few rumors that were saying that if one punch man season 3 happens it will be produced by a new studio.

One Punch Man Season 3 Leak News

One Punch Man season 3 Leak

And just recently we got a new leak which is claiming that it is Studio MAPPA who will be doing the production for the upcoming season of One Punch Man Anime. It will be surprising if it becomes true. Because no one thought that MAPPA Studio would pick it up, due to the number of projects they already have on their hands to work on. They are working on :

So if it becomes true, I don’t think we will be able to get the third season before 2024. Unless MAPPA Studio gives the One Punch Man project to a whole new group of staff that are not busy with other projects. If it was another Studio, we would probably get it sooner maybe in late 2023. But now that they have decided to go on with Studio MAPPA, due to their busy schedule I will say the third season has got to be coming out sometime in 2024.

About One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date

But again just to be clear the release date is still not confirmed officially and neither is the studio. During the official announcement, they didn’t mention anything about the release schedule and the studio that will be animating the series. I don’t know if you guys remember but in July 2022 some other leakers were saying that season 3 of One Punch Man will be done by Studio bones and judging by the season and three key visuals, that was revealed during the announcement.

One Punch Man Season 3 Key Visual
Key visual

Many fans thought that it was going to be Studio bones who will produce the third season. So what I am trying to say is that MAPPA Studio Animating the third season is not 100% confirmed yet. So we have to wait for an official announcement.

One Punch Man Official website
One Punch Man Official Website

I have checked their official website to see if there’s any upcoming event where we could get some new information on season three. But sadly there’s no upcoming event announced yet. As soon as we get any updates on it we will let you know.

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