So the final episode of Overlord season 4 has aired and the fourth season is now over. While most of the anime from the Summer 2022 slate did not live up to the mark. Overlord was an exception, fans totally loved the Strategic, the unwaveringly loyal, and the overpowered nature of ions like the previous Seasons. So it is no surprise that fans are already demanding the renewal of a new season right away.

Overlord Season 5

In this article, we are going to discuss the situation and possibilities of getting season 5 of this anime. So without any more delay, let’s jump into today’s topic. The final episode of Overlord season 4 delivered an interesting Twist by showing the demon form of Renner. Every scene of Renner’s dance sequence stole the spotlight and the climax was just perfectly executed.

The episode ended with a text saying ‘ And The End Begins ‘ which confirms the entry to the final Arc of Overlord and getting a new season.

About Overlord Season 5

Overlord Season 5 Not information

As for the fifth season of Overlord, there is no official statement yet. No trailers or key visuals have been revealed either. Luckily, a new movie is along the way which directly picks up from where episode 13 of season 4 finished.

Overlord The Movie – The Holy Kingdom Arc

On May 2021, the fourth season of Overlord was announced alongside a theatrical movie. Unlike the previous two movies, this movie will be a direct continuation of anime which will adapt the Holy Kingdom Arc.

Overlord the movie

A new visual has been also published for the upcoming movie from the official Twitter account. It is assumable that the voice actors of the anime series will reprise their roles in the movie as well. However, no exact release date has been announced.

But it can be predicted that the movie will be released soon enough as it is said to be in production.

Overlord Season 4 Rating

Overlord Season 4 rating

The fact that season 4 is the highest-traded season of Overlord so far and the third highest-rated anime from Summer 2022 makes it a mere formality for the renewal of a new season. However, Studio Mad House will likely have to wait to get their hands on the source material for a while.

About Overlord Manga Volumes

Overlord Manga Volumes

So far 16 volumes of the Light Novel have been published and the fourth season adapted the events of volumes 10, 11, and 14. The upcoming movie will adapt the Holy Kingdom Arc from volumes 12 and 13 leaving only Volumes 15 and 16 as the remaining Source material. As the studio generally adapted three volumes per season they have to wait for volume 17 to be published. So that would be all for today. Let us know what you guys think in the comments section. As soon as we get any new updates on Overlord season 5 we will let you know.

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