Tokyo Ghoul is a tough anime to watch, not because it’s horrible, but because so many beloved characters are tragically killed off.

Losing one of your favourite characters is not unexpected in a terrible tale like Tokyo Ghoul. The manga’s author, Ishida Sui, is famous for killing off his lead characters. Additionally, he does it quite stylishly! Because of Ishida’s amazing writing, it’s frequently difficult to decide whether to hate or love the villain.

Tokyo Ghoul Saddest deaths

Every character, whether they are a hero or a villain, bears a heavy burden and a sad past that most of the time makes the reader depressed. This is the plot of Tokyo Ghoul, and today we’ve put together a list of the most heartbreaking character untimely deaths from the show.

10. Hikari Kirishima

Touka and Ayato’s mother was Hikari Kirishima. Until the later episodes of the Tokyo Ghoul series, when her brother Renji Yomo finally disclosed her tragic fate to us, she remained a mystery. Hikari was given the burden of caring for Renji after her own parents passed away suddenly.

After she married Arata and had two children, things started to get better for her, but soon Kishou Arima, the white reaper of the CCG, began to hunt her down. Yomo was forever changed by the tragic death of Hikari when she was only 16 years old.

9. Ryouko Fueguchi

The killing of Ryouko Fueguchi, one of the most disastrous incidents in the entire Tokyo Ghoul series, set off a deadly chain reaction that spread across Tokyo. A non-threatening ghoul, Ryouko lived alongside peacefully with her daughter Hinami.

Despite this, the cruel dove Kureo Mado pursued her, and when he discovered her defenceless state, he became even more eager to murder her. Her final act was to defend her daughter’s life, which Mado insulted because he didn’t think she was mature enough to express human feelings. Without a sure, it was painful to see her die.

8. Arata Kirishima

Arata Kirishima was Hikari Kirishima’s husband and the father of Touka and Ayato. It is expected in a story as dark as Tokyo Ghoul that Arata Kirishima would be a shattered man. He was wanting revenge for the loss of his wife. At one point, he was blinded by rage to the point where he started scavenging both humans and ghouls alike in order to seek more power to protect his budding children.

When Shinohara and Mado jointly captured Arata, his tragic life came to an end. The Arata costume for the CCG was then harvested using him as a tool. Even though he went to extremes to protect his children, he never got to see them again, nor did they ever find out about his whereabouts.

7. Rize Kamishiro

Rize, also known as the “Binge Eater,” ran rampage in Tokyo’s 20th Ward before meeting Kaneki. Rize was attempting to devour him when she was involved in an accident, which converted her life into a living hell. She was used as a tool to create several one-eyed ghouls, like Kaneki, and put through so much suffering that she lost sight of reality.

She was also used as the host of a giant Kagune, known as The Dragon. Rize’s early years were marked by a constant fear of being pursued by the V, and in her later years, she was also used as a pawn. Finally, Kaneki Ken confronted her and offered her the mercy of a quick death, rescuing her from the pain.

6. Tatara

Tatara was one of the Aogiri tree’s most powerful fighters and one of its most powerful leaders. Despite his arrogant outward appearance, he was the King’s and Eto’s greatest follower. He battled for Eto’s principles till the end of his life because of his unwavering loyalty to her.

He was killed alongside Seidou Takizawa on Rushima. Tatara didn’t flinch even as she was dying. Instead, he thought back to his experiences with the tree and questioned whether he had been faithful enough to Arima and Eto. Tatara’s demise had a significant storyline twist, which is why it sits high on the list.

5. Kichimura Washuu (Furuta)

Kichimura Washu, the primary antagonist of the entire Tokyo Ghoul series, died, which caused controversy for everyone. There was always a contradiction to his character, based on the way Ishida wrote him. Furuta was sometimes portrayed as a ruthless, heartless monster who had no respect for others, but in reality, he was a man who had long since accepted his fate.

Kichimura made the decision to enjoy himself before his certain death because he knew it was coming. He expressed to Kaneki his desire to live a regular life in which he would have been truly free just moments before he passed away.

4. Yoshimura (Kuzen)

In the entire Tokyo Ghoul series, Yoshimura was one of the most significant characters. It’s interesting to note that the character we first encounter in Tokyo Ghoul isn’t the same as he was in the past. He was formerly a ruthless killer, but after falling in love and becoming a father, he changed.

Up until the day of the Anteiku attack, Yoshimura’s whole remaining existence was devoted to helping other ghouls. He gave his life to defend an entire ghoul generation. Yoshimura had abstained from killing others, but when it came to defending his subordinates, he did hesitate before completely destroying a large portion of the CCG. For the fans, particularly those who loved the anime, Yoshimura’s passing was genuinely sad.

3. Karren Von Rosewald

Karren was Shu Tsukiyama’s devoted servant and was raised by the Tsukiyama family after the passing of her parents. Karren took on the name of Kanae and pretended to be a boy, which caused her a lot of distress in order to properly cover her identity. However, she was willing to give up her identity in order to help the Tsukiyama family.

Haise Sasaki was the cause of Karren’s death. Her last deed was to shield Shu Tsukiyama, who in turn called her by her own name and recognised her as a lady. Although Karren had many regrets, she couldn’t help but feel fortunate since the moment Tsukiyama addressed her by her own name was so special to her.

2. Arima Kishou

Previous to Kaneki Ken, Arima Kishou lived as the One-Eyed King. He was a ghoul who pretended to be a CCG member in order to build a better future. Arima wanted to find someone to take over his position. When he met Kaneki Ken, he succeeded in his mission. Arima became a father to Kaneki and adored him with all of his heart, despite the fact that he once “killed” him.

However, Arima was killed by Kaneki himself in order to ensure a brighter future for both humans and ghouls. Without a question, Arima’s passing was among the most heartbreaking in the entire Tokyo Ghoul series.

1. Shirazu Ginshi

Shirazu Ginshi’s passing, who was a part of the Quinx squad led by Haise Sasaki, is at the top of this list. Shirazu became an investigator in order to raise money for her sister’s medical care. He was the most polite Quinx member there was. His concern with money, however, masked much of his sensitivity for the benefit of his younger sister.

In the Rose Extermination arc, his quest for greater authority and a higher rank in exchange for her care ultimately led to his death. He was surrounded by his entire squad just before he passed away, who comforted him and wept for him even though he had already lost all of his senses. He was loved until his last breath, but as he passed into eternal sleep, he was unable to see any of it.

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