So it’s been now more than a year since we got the second season of Re Zero. Season one of this anime was released in 2016 and then we had to wait four years for the sequel. Now whether we will have to wait another four years for the third season or not. We don’t really know because at this moment nothing has been officially announced yet but we have got some leaks and rumors which say that we will probably get an announcement for Re Zero season three very soon. So that’s what we are talking about in today’s article if you are already up to date with all the recent leaks then you don’t really have to read the article but if not then i hope this article will help you understand what leaks and rumors everyone has been talking about for the last couple of months.

Re Zero

Two months ago, someone leaked that Re Zero is getting a season three. In a tweet, the leaker said that according to the information he or she has, there was a third season of Re Zero already in production the leaker didn’t specify when will we get the official announcement but he was confident that an announcement will definitely take place.

When one person asked him about the source his reply was, source is private unfortunately just like with me leaking the official translator change in yen press one or two months before the official news of it I cannot give up the source. The leaker also claimed that he trusts his source and there’s a second source that was made semi-public that is saying the same thing fans should not expect the official announcement for a while though cause in terms of production stages it’s quite early. For now we don’t really know if this leak is just a copium or a hopium. But last month another rumor started about re-zero season three when a musician named Kenichiro Suhiro made a tweet saying that he is working on the soundtrack for a popular project. He previously worked on projects like Re Zero and fire force anime. So fans were hoping that one of those anime will most likely get an announcement for a new season.

A few days ago, a reliable source confirmed that Fire force is getting a third season. So it is possible that the musician was probably talking about fire force anime but still there is a little hope for Re Zero. Since the musician still hasn’t confirmed yet what project he has been working on. But he did confirm that the announcement will happen in about two months. So all we can do is now wait till June or July to see if they officially confirm the third season of Re Zero or not. Personally believe Re Zero will surely get a third season at one point. I don’t know if you guys remember that the producer of Re Zero who works in Katakawa has already talked about season three of Re Zero in one of his interviews with Crunchyroll. When he was asked if there is a message he would like to share with american fans of Re Zero. He answered that he is confident that the fans will be clamoring for a third season once they have finished watching the second season. So it seems like they already had plan for the third season since the beginning. Anyway as soon as we get any updates on it we will let you know.

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