So we have got some breaking news for you. Just today, we got episode 12 of Rent a Girlfriend‘s second season and it was the final episode of the season. So starting from next week, there will be no new episode of this anime. But don’t be sad because we already have got some good news for you. Just after the premiere of the final episode of season two, we already got a confirmation for the next season of this anime from some reliable sources.

Rent A Girlfriend
Rent a girlfriend tv anime

According to some news leakers, the third season of Rent a Girlfriend is already in production. They haven’t officially announced it yet on their socials. But my guess is we will be getting an official confirmation for season three either today or maybe tomorrow. For now, the only thing we know is that season 3 is already in production. Other than that we don’t have any new info so no release date, no key visual or trailer. But since the production info of season 3 already got leaked.

My guess is that they will be making an official announcement very soon. If they do make any kind of announcement or reveal any info about season 3, we will definitely let you know. Let us know in the comment section, what you think about Rent a Girlfriend getting a new season are you excited or not Etc.

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