So it’s been a while, since we last talked about one of our favorite anime of 2022 which is Spy x Family. The first season of this anime was released in Spring of this year and it has not ended yet. It was decided earlier that the first season of Spy x Family will be divided into two parts.

Spy X Family

The first part of Season one already aired in Spring of 2022 where we got only 12 episodes. The first season of the anime is going to have 25 episodes in total. So there is still 13 episodes left which we will be seeing in the second core of the anime. The good news is we have received some new updates on 29th August about the second course of Spy x Family. We have got a new key visual a teaser trailer. The exact release date for episode 13 and more info.

Spy X Family 2nd Course New Key Visual

So starting with the key visual, here you can see the latest key visual for the second part of Spy x Family which was revealed on 29th August.

Spy X Family Episode 13 key visual
Spy X Family 2nd Course New Key Visual

About the release date they have now officially confirmed that, the first episode of the second core episode 13 will be released on the 1st of October.

If you want to know the exact release date and time for your country. Here I found an article from Anime Alert website which shows the exact release time for some of the other countries from around the world and it also has a countdown added to the same article.

Spy X Family 2nd Course Key Official Teaser Trailer

This is the official teaser that we have got for Spy x Family 2nd Course.

Spy X Family 2nd Course Key Visual Reveal Trailer

About the trailer, we have got only one trailer so far for the second core which was released back in June. If you haven’t watched it yet, here is the Visual Reveal Trailer of Spy x Family 2nd Course.

The article contains all the key visuals teaser trailers and everything we know so far about the second part of Spy x Family. In case you didn’t know, it is WIT Studio and Studio Clover Works who are doing the production for this Anime. Personally I am super excited about the second core. I love how Clover Works and WIT Studio have worked on this anime so far. It was so fun and full of entertainment. This anime definitely lived up to the hype. So I am really looking forward to what’s gonna happen next. Let us know in the comment what you think about this series. Anyway as soon as we get any new update on the second core, we will let you know.

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