Hello everyone I hope you are doing well. You guys know that the anime The Detective Is Already Dead is getting a second season. The first season of the anime was released last year in Summer where we got only 12 episodes. It was based on a light novel written by Nagaju.

The Detective Is Already Dead Manga volume 3

The studio Engi who produced a first season of the anime which adapted the first three volumes of the Light Novel. The Light Novel is still ongoing and has currently got six volumes. Volume seven has been scheduled to release on the 25th of August. So there’s already enough source material available for season two and the good news is the second season of the anime The Detective Is Already Dead has now officially been announced. The announcement was made during the MF Bunko Summer Festival 2022.

The Detective Is Already Dead Season 2 key visual
The Detective Is Already Dead Season 2 Key Visual

They also confirmed it on their Official website and social accounts. On their official website they have said ” The second season of the TV Anime The Detective Is Already Dead. The production of Season 2 has been decided! Kimitsuka and his friends faced the past and overcame the fierce battle on the cruise ship. The story of the now deceased detective Siesta and those who inherit her will begins again here. The Detective is dead. But her will never dies. So it’s still early for the epilogue. Please look forward to the follow – up report! “. They have also revealed a teaser visual and an announcement trailer. The Announcement trailer is 1 minute and 20 seconds long and it is available on the Official YouTube Channel of Katakawa. Here is the announcement trailer of the Anime The Detective Is Already Dead season 2.

One thing I noticed is that they haven’t mentioned during the announcement which studio will be doing the production. So maybe we will be seeing a different studio this time for the second season who knows and about the release date it is also not confirmed yet. During the Announcement they did not say anything about the release schedule. So for now both the studio and the release date are still unknown but hopefully we will be getting some new info about season 2 very soon. As soon as we get any new updates on season 2 we will let you know.

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