Tokyo Ghoul was among the most popular anime and manga for a good while. It captivated everyone with its superb visuals and dark but complex and meaningful storylines. This dark fantasy series had unique world-building and the plot was packed with twists. Fans loved how much mystery was in the show, making it very difficult to anticipate what the next episode would bring.

Tokyo Ghoul Characters

Many interesting characters creeped viewers out many times. In particular, the show was packed with remarkable female characters who proved to be terrifyingly strong.

Strongest Female Characters in Tokyo Ghoul :

10. Touka Kirishima

Touka was full of surprises as fans got to know her as a waitress at Anteiku Cafe. Later, it turned out she was an ukaku ghoul, which meant she was kick ass. She had one wing, which could be hardened and released at will as protection— and later Touka gained a second wing as well.

During her fights, she proved to be incredibly fast and durable. Her personality was also quite interesting for fans since she was always unpredictable. Touka would often act rash and even if she seemed to be raging, deep down she was kind.

9. Karren Von Rosewald

Her childhood wasn’t easy for sure. Originally Karren was raised in Germany but a ghoul exterminator group killed all her family. She was taken in by the Tsukiyama family in Tokyo and assumed a different identity. For many years she pretended to be a boy. Karren was very loyal to her master, Tsukiyama, who looked after her.

She possessed extraordinary skills, such as her Rinkaku Kagune, which allowed Karren to grow tentacles and she could also regenerate at a quick rate.


8. Kaya Irimi

Kaya was also among the most surprising female characters. She was Black Dobers’ leader, which meant she was vicious and feared in Tokyo’s underbelly.

Despite many people in Tokyo knowing her as one of Anteiku Cafe’s waitresses, she intimidated most of the ghoul investigators. Fans found her personality a little scary as she often refrained from showing any emotions or saying more than necessary. Besides her heightened senses and immense strength, Kaya was extremely agile too.

7. Matsumae

Viewers could see Matsumae was way more than what met the eye. She was a teacher who seemed to be paying a lot of attention to Shuu Tsukiyama.

Later she even became Tsukiyama Group’s, General Manager. Matsumae seemed to be dangerously cool in every situation, which implied she was stronger than most ghouls in Tokyo. Her Kagune proved to be exceptionally versatile, she could use it as a protective wall, swords, and tentacles as well.


6. Hinami Fueguchi

Following her parent’s death, Hinami joined Kaneki’s group so she would be safe. Only thanks to misinformed investigators could she survive, which the Commission of Counter Ghoul regretted.

Over the series, Hinami’s character changed quite a lot and became much more collected and pessimistic. Her Koukaku Kagune improved over time, at the beginning she could create two petal-like shields and later even four. Hinami’s Rinkaku Kagune also got stronger and two tentacles became four by the end.

5. Roma Hoito

Roma was also known as Gypsy and she founded the Clowns. It was a group of ghouls, who kept everyone in fear, but no one knew what their goal was.

Fans learned quite quickly: The fragile looks didn’t give justice to Roma’s real capabilities. She was extremely strong, and barely anyone could match her strength. Not much after meeting Roma, viewers found out she was also Dodgy Mother, a legendary ghoul.

4. Rize Kamishiro

Everyone liked Rize because she was a strange character. Her powers were feared by all ghouls in Tokyo as she didn’t spare anyone. She was also known as Binge eaters because of her extreme appetite.

She could easily charm anyone around her, nearly no one could resist her allure. During the show, fans were convinced she could beat everyone, as she had an extremely strong Rinkaku Kagune. She could create six tentacle claws, which could cut through almost everything.


3. Kiyoko Aura

Showing her astonishing skills and willpower, Kiyoko is the only human on this list. She was the first female to ever become a Special Class Ghoul Investigator. Fans knew she must have been something very special if she could get there.

Kiyoko appeared to be always very professional and polite at work. Her determination and mental strength were remarkable. Viewers were surprised to see how strong Kiyoko was and how long she could stand against ghouls in fights. When she pulled her Zebizu— a rocket launcher— all her enemies tried to find cover as it didn’t spare anyone

2. Kurona

She was an artificial one-eyed ghoul who often scared viewers. She was a little creepy and since her only motivation was to protect her sister Nashiro, nothing mattered to her. When Nashiro was fatally wounded, Kurona became vengeful and complete madness took over. From that point, she was unstoppable in killing Juuzou.

On top of her uncontrollable rage, Kurona was especially strong even for a ghoul. To save Nashiro, Kurona merged with her, leading to an even stronger creature.

1. Eto Yoshimura

Eto was Aogiri Tree’s founding leader, which was a terrible ghoul terrorist organization. She was a one-eyed ghoul, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t strong and fierce. Everyone who knew who Eto was tried to be on good terms with her.

She was among the darkest characters in Tokyo Ghoul as she was shockingly sadistic. Many fans found her to be the cruelest character in the series. Eto could regenerate and she was extremely fast. Her abilities surpassed most other ghouls in Tokyo.


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