So we have got some new official updates today on the second season of Tokyo Revengers. Just only a month ago, we got the main trailer of season two and a new key visual. We already told you about it in our previous article and today we have got some new information on the upcoming season which includes the exact release date for the first episode, when you will be able to watch the new season officially, and some additional information on the ending theme song.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Release Date Confirmed

Starting with the release date it is now officially confirmed that season 2 of Tokyo Revengers, The Christmas Showdown Arc will be released in January of 2023 and the first episode of season 2 will be released on the 7th of January.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 – Announcement

Tokyo Revengers Official website

It was announced on their official website that they have also confirmed that, season 2 of the anime will be streaming on Disney plus. Just a week ago, it was already leaked that the second season will stream exclusively on Disney plus and now it is officially announced. It seems like it is time that we fans take Disney plus seriously cause.

Disney plus Anime
Disney plus Anime

First, they stole Summertime Rendering then, Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War, and now the second season of Tokyo Revengers. In case you didn’t know, Disney has already announced a partnership with Kodansha to co-produce new anime titles which means it’s just the beginning.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 – Theme Song

Tokyo Revengers season 2 Theme song

Anyway, now talking about the theme song. It was announced that the ending theme song will be done by Tsuyu and it is titled Kizudo-such Hitachi Teru. It is still not confirmed, how many episodes we will be getting in season two.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Manga

The anime has so far adapted the first 73 chapters of the manga or you can say the first eight volumes. The manga already ended this year In November. There is a total of 30 volumes in the manga and the first season has only covered the first eight volumes. So there is plenty of source material available not only for season two but also for season three. So yeah that’s all the information we have got so far. Let us know in the comment what are you expecting from the upcoming season. Are you looking forward to it or not? As soon as we get any new updates on season 2 we will let you know.

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