So we’ve received some fresh updates on Tokyo Revengers season 2 – The Christmas Showdown Arc today. They just announced a lot of new information for season 2 yesterday, including the release date, a new visual, a new trailer, and an update on draken’s voice cast, among other things. In today’s article, we’ll go through all of them.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2

Starting with the release date, it was previously reported that the second season of Tokyo Revengers will be released in July 2022. I did warn you that this was not the case. It was false information obtained from untrustworthy sources. Anyway, the good news is that the release date has now been officially confirmed on their official website. The fans have been informed that the second season of Tokyo Revengers will be launched in the winter of next year. As a result, Tokyo Revengers’ Christmas Showdown Arc will premiere in January 2023. For the time being, we don’t know when the first episode of season two will be released, but as soon as we do, we’ll let you know.

Tokyo Revengers season 2
New key visual of Tokyo Revengers season 2.

A new key visual for Season 2 was released yesterday, and you can view it here. We also have a special commemorative PV celebrating the formation day of the Tokyo Revengers. It’s one minute and thirteen seconds long and can be seen on the Tokyo Revengers TV Anime’s Official YouTube Channel.

Now, when it comes to the voice actor for Draken, we now have an official update on Tatsuhisa Suzuki’s replacement on their official website. They’ve stated, “Thank you for your support of the TV anime Tokyo Revengers. Masaya Fukunishi will be in charge of the Draken Ryugu cast, as well as the Raiguji Kim cast, for the blu-ray box set to be released, broadcast, and distributed after July. We hope you will continue to support the TV anime Tokyo Revengers “..

Masaya Fukunishi
Masaya Fukunishi

Masaya Fukunishi has previously worked on animes such as Blue Period, Haikyuu – To the Top Part 2 and many others, in case you didn’t know. So, that’s pretty much all the information we have right now; the number of episodes in Season 2 has yet to be determined. The first season consisted of 24 episodes and went up to manga chapter 73 from volume 8 of the manga. The manga is still ongoing, and there’s enough source material for a second core season. As soon as we hear anything about season two, we’ll let you know.

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