Hey everyone, Welcome back. If you’re a fan of Tokyo Revengers, then you’re in for a treat because Tokyo Revengers season 2 is finally here. The first episode of Tokyo Revengers Christmas Showdown Arc is releasing today. In this article, we wanted to talk about all the details that you need to know about the new season such as where to watch it, how to watch it, episode count and release dates, etc. So let’s talk about it.

Tokyo Revengers season 2

Tokyo Revengers Season 1 Storyline…

Tokyo Revengers is a manga and anime series that follows the story of Takemichi Hanagaki, a 26-year-old unemployed man who is at the bottom of society. One day, he learns that his girlfriend from his high school days, Hinata Tachibana, has been killed by the Tokyo Manji Gang, a group of ruthless criminals.

Determined to save her, Takemichi decides to travel back in time to his high school days and prevent her death. With the help of a mysterious man named Mikey, he is able to do so. However, Takemichi quickly learns that changing the past is not as easy as it seems, and he becomes embroiled in a battle for power and survival as he tries to protect Hinata and prevent the formation of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2

As he travels back in time, Takemichi meets the members of the Tokyo Manji Gang and becomes their leader. Together, they fight against rival gangs and corrupt police officers, and Takemichi learns the value of friendship and loyalty. Along the way, he also discovers that his actions in the past have consequences in the present, and he must choose between his own happiness and the greater good.

The first season of Tokyo Revengers covers the first nine volumes of the manga and consists of 25 episodes. It follows Takemichi as he tries to change the past and protect Hinata, and ends with a cliffhanger that leaves fans eagerly anticipating the next season.

About Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Announcement

It was announced earlier that Tokyo Revengers season 2 the Christmas Showdown Arc will stream on Disney plus and Disney plus hot star. Fans were worried when they heard the news about Disney getting exclusive rights to the anime because they didn’t know exactly in which countries Disney would release the second season and if it would be available in their country or not.

Tokyo Revengers season 2 on Disney plus

The good news is that Disney plus has already confirmed the countries where they will be streaming the second season Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, the USA, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Singapore. Even though India is not on the list I think it will be available on Disney plus hot star according to the previous announcement.

Hulu Confirmation on Tokyo Revengers Season 2

Hulu Confirmation on Tokyo Revengers season 2

Also, another good piece of news is that Hulu has confirmed that it will stream Tokyo Revengers Season 2 anime with English subtitles in the US too. As for Mexico and the rest of Latin, we have received confirmation that there will be a symbol cast for Tokyo Avengers season 2 on Star Plus on the same day. Now for our European fans, we have some disappointing news.

At the moment, we don’t have any official way for you to watch the Tokyo Revengers season 2 but don’t worry. As soon as we get any updates on it we’ll be sure to let you know. Now on to the good news, the first episode of the Christmas Showdown Arc is releasing today and the second episode will be released on January 14th in total, Tokyo Revengers season 2 will have 13 episodes. If you have already watched the first episode let us know your thoughts about it in the comments below. That’s all for today

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